Transformer Oil

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Transformer Oils are electrical insulating oils produced by distillation of virgin paraffinic and naphthenic crude oils followed by modern technologies involving high pressure hydrogenation and hydro-treatment. All the processes are monitored closely and appropriate Base Oil fractions are selected for further processing. Further processing involves removal of moisture and polar impurities to obtain good electrical properties. The technologies result in products with very low pour point, excellent oxidation stability, cooling characteristics and electrical properties. These properties make them suitable for the most demanding transformer applications.

Transformer Oil product range

Savita grades Specification  
Transol GE Transol GE IEC60296:2012 Uninhibited View PDF
Transol GET IEC 60296 : 2012 T Trace Inhibited View PDF
Transol GEX IEC 60296 : 2012 Inhibited View PDF
Transol GA ASTM D 3487 TYPE I View PDF
Transol GAX ASTM D 3487 TYPE II View PDF
Transol GB I BS 148:1998 CLASS I View PDF
Transol GB II BS 148:1998 CLASS II View PDF
Transol GBX I BS 148:1998 CLASS IA View PDF
Transol GBX II BS 148:1998 CLASS II A View PDF
Transol HGX IEC 60296 : 2012 Inhibited high grade View PDF
Transol GIS TYPE I IS 335: 2018 TYPE I Uninhibited View PDF
Transol GIX TYPE I IS 335:2018 TYPE I Inhibited View PDF
Transol GIS TYPE II IS 335: 2018 TYPE II Uninhibited View PDF
Transol GIX TYPE II IS 335: 2018 TYPE II Inhibited View PDF


The transformer oils are used in Distribution & Power Transformers, Switchgears and Circuit Breakers.

Products Offered

Transol HGX is an inhibited grade of transformer oil specifically tailored for demanding applications in EHV and UHV Transformers.

Transol GE IEC60296:2012 Uninhibited is an uninhibited oil which is designed to meet Specifications as per IEC 60296:2012.

Transol GA & GAX grades are offered meeting the specifications of ASTM D3487 Type I & II respectively.


The products fully meet the international and national specifications such as IS-335 2018 TYPE I & II { U & I }, IEC 60296, ASTM D 3487, BS 148, JIS, AS, ASTM. The inhibited grades have DBPC as additive, which is part of the approved list of inhibitors as per IEC 60296.

The products are strictly free from PCB, DBDS or any passivator or metal de-activator. They offer excellent oxidation stability with very low acid and sludge formation when tested according to IEC 61125 and ASTM D2440 besides having excellent dielectric strength, resistivity & dissipation factor. The low pour point and low viscosity characteristics of the product enable excellent cooling properties.

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